Football: Paul Pogba, from glory to descent into hell

Football: Paul Pogba, from glory to descent into hell


FootballPaul Pogba, from glory to descent into hell

Since the blue coronation at the 2018 World Cup, the Juventus player has suffered a series of injuries, attempted extortion by his own brother and suspension for doping.

Paul Pogba has had a series of disappointments for five years.

Paul Pogba has had a series of disappointments for five years.


A big blue sky

Paul Pogba had a great campaign in Russia by establishing himself as the charismatic and technical leader of the French team during the World Cup. In particular, he showed off his quality of shooting by scoring the Blues’ third goal in the final against Croatia.

It is then the confirmation of the hopes placed in him, since the very beginning of his career, when the “Pioche” impressed with his technical background and his athletic qualities, in Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United.

The infirmary adept

However, it was at Manchester United that Paul Pogba experienced the first big disappointment of his career. If his 2018/2019 season, riding on success in blue, was successful (13 goals, 9 assists), the following seasons were punctuated by multiple injuries.

The view begins to change on the native of Lagny-sur-Marne (Seine-et-Marne), going from virtuoso environment to adept in the infirmary. This choppy pace prevents him from regaining his full potential when he is lined up on the pitch.

To the point that the player leaves “Man U” free in the summer of 2022, six years after his record transfer of 105 million euros.

A nightmarish return

Return to “Juve” where Pogba flourished for several years, when the Italian club dominated Serie A. But the 2022/2023 season is nightmarish.

Firstly because the injuries continue to overwhelm him. His right knee requires an operation which will keep him away from the field, from July 2022 to February 2023, and deprive him of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, while the French team has always been a breath of fresh air for him.

The 2018 world champion had to stop for a month again, last March, after an injury to his right thigh. He was only beginning to find his bearings when Paul Pogba injured his left thigh in mid-May – season over.

The start of the 2023/2024 financial year does not bode well: he does not participate in the North American tour. Rumors are buzzing of a return still postponed for many weeks. Pogba responds on the pitch by scoring a goal during a friendly. But it was reduced in the right thigh from the 3rd day of the championship.

Brother’s affair

The player, already bothered by physical problems, must also struggle in his head, following serious setbacks with his brother. In August 2022, Mathias Pogba released a video which revealed an extortion attempt on Paul – which would land him temporarily in prison for organized extortion.

The star told French investigators that she was trapped by childhood friends and two hooded men, armed with assault rifles, during a night of confinement in March. They criticized him for not having helped them financially. Of the 13 million euros claimed, he says he paid 100,000 euros.

“Off the field, it was really difficult for me, what happened, it was hard, especially mentally,” he confided at the end of last season. “It was like in a film,” added Pogba to the Al Jazeera channel in an interview broadcast on Monday, about the robbery he allegedly suffered. “Money changes people, that’s the truth, money can break up a family, start war.”

He insists: “Ugh… Really, the only people who can hurt you are your loved ones. The enemies, you know where they are, but the friends, the family, the ones you think are happy for you, they can destroy you, they can destroy you (editor’s note: he says it twice)».

Suspension surprise

The same day, in unfortunate timing, the Italian Anti-Doping Agency (Nado) announced that Pogba was provisionally suspended, after testing positive for testosterone.

According to the Italian press, which revealed the information, Pogba was checked on August 20, after the match between Udine and Juventus, counting for the first day of the Italian championship.

The ultimate irony is that it did not come into play then.


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