Jaike Belfor back in De Slimste Mens, but now calm and zen

Jaike Belfor back in De Slimste Mens, but now calm and zen

The latest season of The smartest person has now come to an end. But don’t worry: a special All Stars edition of the popular game program can be seen on NPO Start for another week. Only former participants participate in the online edition, who, in addition to playing the game, also look back on their previous participation.

Especially for the Dutch actress Jaike Belfor, the view of her fanatical actions at the time is laughable and shameful. “And I don’t consider myself a fanatic, do I? Until I play 30 Seconds and strangle someone.”

The Smartest Person All Stars

In this special edition of The smartest person it is not just about playing and winning the game, but also about looking back on laughable moments of the former participants. Belfor knows what time it is and ducks into her chair before her fragment even starts playing.

The images show how Belfor, who participated in 2018 The smartest person and was quickly labeled as one of the nicest candidates ever, going completely crazy when she wins a round. “The whole world has seen this, right?” laughs presenter Philip Freriks. Belfor knows this better than anyone: “Yes, it was quite intense. Someone made a meme out of it. Like: when my salary comes in,” she says. “We really enjoyed it, so go ahead,” Freriks admits.

‘I am mindful’

Belfor goes absolutely crazy when she wins something in this All Stars edition The smartest person not planning to. “I am mindful,” Belfor shares proudly. And that is also reflected in the episode: the actress starts quietly, but manages to win against Bram Krikke and Ionica Smeets in the Collective Memory round and place herself in the final round.

When she competes against Wouter de Winter, she narrowly manages to win the final round. Although she would go completely crazy at a moment like this in 2018, the actress now remains calm. With closed eyes and a big smile, Belfor makes a gesture of gratitude and then shakes her opponent’s hand. Freriks also notices the peace: “This time very calm, very zen.”

Check out the All Stars edition of the Smartest Person NPO Start.

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