McCarthy wants impeachment proceedings against US President Biden

McCarthy wants impeachment proceedings against US President Biden

As of: September 12, 2023 8:13 p.m

US House Speaker McCarthy supports impeachment proceedings against President Biden. According to the Republican, he discovered a “culture of corruption.”

The Republican leader of the US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, supports investigations into possible impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden. There are credible allegations that Biden was involved in illegal transactions by his son Hunter Biden, said McCarthy in Washington. These are allegations of abuse of power, cover-up and corruption, “they warrant further investigation,” explained McCarthy. He discovered a “culture of corruption”.

The Republican now wants to get a majority of his party’s members in the House of Representatives behind him to start the investigation. It remains to be seen whether this will happen and whether so-called impeachment proceedings could be opened in a further step.

Investigations without prior coordination

The Republicans have a narrow majority and make up 222 of the 435 parliamentarians. But the faction is extremely fragmented. Several moderate Republicans have recently expressed criticism of such a move.

The right wing of the party has long been urging McCarthy to initiate such a procedure. Until now, he had declared that he would only start investigations after a formal vote in the House of Representatives. The fact that McCarthy ordered investigations on his own without prior coordination was met with criticism from the White House.

White House: “Evidence-free impeachment proceedings”

White House spokesman Ian Sam dismissed the proposed procedure as a politically motivated move by McCarthy to try to keep the right wing of his group in line during difficult budget negotiations. “McCarthy should not give in to the extreme, far-right lawmakers who are threatening to shut down the government unless they secure a baseless, evidence-free impeachment trial against President Biden,” Sams said. The consequences for the American people are too serious.

The other chamber of Congress, the Senate, would have to decide on a possible impeachment of the President anyway. Biden’s party, the Democrats, has a narrow majority there. It is therefore very unlikely that the president could ultimately be found guilty and removed from office.

McCarthy is under a lot of pressure

Since McCarthy was elected leader of the House of Representatives in the 15th ballot in January, he has repeatedly had to negotiate compromises between the wings of his party on many issues. He is under a lot of pressure. Some right-wing parties are also threatening to sabotage upcoming budget votes, which could lead to a gridlock in government operations.

Former US President Donald Trump has been calling on his party colleagues for months to initiate impeachment proceedings against Biden. At the end of August, the Republican wrote on the Truth Social platform: “Either you accuse the bum or you will disappear into insignificance. They did it to us too!”

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