Therefore, you should not use Berberine for weight loss

Therefore, you should not use Berberine for weight loss

The dietary supplement Berberine is marketed as a new weight loss method – but there is a lack of scientific evidence for the connection. We find out what the new Tiktok trend is and list three reasons why you shouldn’t try it! More

Last winter, the feeds were filled with the diabetes drug Ozempic, which took off as a weight loss method on social media. Now we see yet another preparation trending on platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram (surely you get tired?). The dietary supplement Berberine is called “nature’s Ozempic” and at the time of writing the hashtag #berberine has almost 100 million views on Tiktok. But here are some reasons why you shouldn’t jump on the new trend!

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What is Berberine?

The dietary supplement Berberine is a type of alkaloid that is extracted from certain plants and mushrooms. The dietary supplement Berberine is a type of alkaloid that is extracted from certain plants and mushrooms. It is said to strengthen the heartbeat, which can benefit people with certain heart diseases, and can be used to help regulate how the body uses sugar in the blood, as well as reduce swelling.

People most often use Berberine for diabetes, high levels of cholesterol and high blood pressure, but there is a lack of scientific studies on the dietary supplement and its effects.

What side effects does Berberine have?

The studies that have been done have mainly been done on animals, and there some side effects have been different types of stomach problems, dizziness and nausea.

Note! You should not take Berberine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Do we need to take supplements?

Simple answer – no, usually not. Ordinary food usually contains everything we need, and thus the vast majority do not need to take nutritional supplements.

Dietary supplements can sometimes be used as a supplement to the diet if the body has a deficiency of a vitamin or mineral. But eating a dietary supplement does not always have to be beneficial, but it can actually do more harm than good and sometimes even be dangerous.

Here is the Swedish Food Agency’s advice on dietary supplements:

  • Do not overdose on supplements
  • Do not take dietary supplements in conjunction with medications without consulting your doctor first
  • Do not replace medicines with dietary supplements

Reasons why you should not try Berberine for weight loss

1. Not scientifically proven

A few studies say that Berberine can lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol in the body and thus can contribute to weight loss. However, there is no further research that has confirmed that there is a direct link between using Berberine and weight loss, and thus is not a recommended dietary supplement for weight loss.

– The eternal dream is to be able to take a pill and not have to do much more. But here one should probably not have too high hopes, says Bo Angelin, professor of clinical metabolic research at Karolinska Institutet, to The evening paper.

Furthermore, Bo Angelin says that those who are considering taking Berberine for weight loss “should think again”.

2. Your body usually does not need supplements

The Swedish Food Agency shows that it is not necessary to use food supplements to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Instead, it can be dangerous to use too high a dose of dietary supplements or use them without a doctor’s advice.

3. Take care of your health

Perhaps the most important reason! Various dieting regimens are generally not healthy and over time your mental health can also suffer. The most important thing is that you feel good, eat what you want and what your body needs. Exercise for fun, not to achieve a certain number on the scale. Weight loss methods come and go – your mental health is so much more important than them.

Sources: Medline plus, NBC News, Swedish Food Agency

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