Truls: France or Portugal threaten us

Truls: France or Portugal threaten us

Who can stop the Truls? The question is highly topical in the team EC. After the opening day’s 3-0 victory over the Italian John Oyebode, the Småland native Möregårdh followed up with 3-1 against both Czechs Povel Sirucek and Lubomir Jancarik. When he found the right way after 8–11 in the first set against Jancarik, there was no deeper discussion about what applied after 11–7, 11–4, 11–5. Sweden’s men had secured the final victory in group A via 3–1.

– A lot happened during the final match and Jancarik probably didn’t like me trying new things. Like I changed the servers at the last second, Truls said.
He does not hesitate in the slightest about the continuation on Thursday when the round of 16 is on the program. Only late on Tuesday will the blue-yellow squad know how the draw has turned out and which team will be the opponent.
– We are going for the gold, absolutely, says Truls Möregårdh.
What else can he say when the reigning men’s champions from Germany are in Malmö without several of their most successful players. The 42-year-old Timo Boll, with eight singles titles in the EC, has returned to the role of leader. It is clear that Sweden must endure and be favourites.
– It is rather France or Portugal as our biggest threat, explains Truls, who now has nine victories of his own in ten games since he debuted as a 17-year-old in the team EC in Nantes 2019.
After the simple Sunday triumph against Oyebode, Mattias Falck had to face Lubomir Jancarik in Monday’s opening match against the Czech. After four even sets and 2–2, Jancarik pulled away in the fifth and decisive: 8–1 ended in 11–5.
– He made few mistakes and made it difficult for me, my backhand was far too locked. In the past I have beaten him a couple of times.

4–0 and strong Falcköppning in the Bundesliga
Despite the loss, Mattias Falck need not be upset. After the opening rounds of the German Bundesliga, he has a 4-0 record for his Werder Bremen. He can’t complain about the form.
Kristian Karlsson, who debuted in the EC in Stuttgart back in 2009, replaced Anton Källberg in the second round of the group stage. After two lopsided sets, the second and third which ended 8–11 and 6–11, Kristian finished with 11–8, 11–3 for a 3–2 victory.
– I was able to play to the full in refereeing.
Now we just have to wait for the draw for the Swedish players.
– Until Tuesday evening, they can relax. The only training session takes place in the morning, reported the association captain Jörgen Persson.
Who must be happy with his team’s matches in the European Championship so far: 3-0 against Italy and 3-1 against the Czech Republic.

Kristian Karlsson was able to win 3-2 after a comfortable final set.

EC, Men’s Group A
Sweden-Czech Republic 3–1
Mattias Falck-Lubomir Jancarik 9–11, 12–10, 8–11, 12–10, 5–11
Truls Möregårdh-Pavel Sirucek 11–3, 4–11, 11–2, 12–10
Kristian Karlsson-Tomas Polansky 11–8, 8–11, 6–11, 11–8, 11–3
Möregårdh-Jancarik 8–11, 11–7, 11–4, 11–5

Photo: Manfred Schillings/SBTF

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