Wreath laying at Anna Lindh’s grave – News in Politiken

Wreath laying at Anna Lindh’s grave – News in Politiken

“Anna Lindh is deeply missed, but touching to this day 20 years after her passing. Maybe it’s not so strange. The need to stand up for the principles and values ​​that Anna Lindh did is great today – both in Sweden and internationally. I am convinced that she would have continued to do so, if the forces of violence and hatred had not taken her away from us,” writes Magdalena Andersson on her Facebook page, citing the fact that it has been 20 years since Anna Lindh passed away.

Participating in Monday’s wreath-laying also did, among other things:

Karin Wanngård, finance councillor City of Stockholm, Catharina Piazzolla, municipal secretary, Stockholm party district, Lisa Nåbo, union president SSU, Diyar Cicek, union secretary SSU and Ann Linde, former foreign minister. After the wreath laying, Magdalena Andersson held a bilateral conversation with the opposition leader in Belarus Svetlana Tichanovskaja, this year’s Anna Lindh prize winner.

“Anna’s commitment to democracy and human rights is what I carry with me the most. She always stood up for peace, freedom and international solidarity. Anna was also a champion for the environment and the climate. She saw even then, what needs to be done now. She was ahead of her time,” writes Tobias Baudin on FB on the occasion of today’s commemoration of Anna Lindh’s passing.

Later on Monday 11 September a commemorative ceremony and awarding of this year’s Anna Lindh prize will also be held in Katarina church in Stockholm. And in Nyköping, the workers’ municipality organizes a demonstration with speeches and music on Stora Torget, followed by a torchlight procession and speeches and music at Anna Lindh’s memorial site.

Aktuelles i Politiken will be on site and monitor both events.

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