XXL dress puts the singer under extreme stress on stage

XXL dress puts the singer under extreme stress on stage

August 25, 2023, North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne: The singer Helene Fischer performs on stage at a concert on her “Rausch” tour.  After her accident at a concert in Hanover, Helene Fischer joins ...

Helene Fisher also impresses with her costumes at her concerts.Image: dpa / Henning Kaiser


Vera Siebnich

Helene Fischer’s shows no longer rely solely on the singer’s musical performances. Elaborate costumes and special effects are just as much a part of their concerts as spectacular acrobatic performances. But not everything always goes smoothly: Even before the start of her “Rausch” tour, Helene injured her trapeze during rehearsals and had to postpone the start. And just a few weeks ago she had an accident on stage that forced her to cancel the concert.

But Helene has another trademark in addition to her acrobatics: their impressive costumes. During her concert, the singer changes her outfit several times. At one point her clothing even becomes a showpiece. The production manager of her show has now given a glimpse behind the scenes to a Swiss tabloid and revealed a curious detail.

Helene Fischer: This situation causes stress

Helene Fischer wants to offer her fans a breathtaking show at her concerts. That’s why during the performances on her “Rausch” tour, the singer doesn’t just do gymnastics on the trapeze and let herself be spun around by a robot arm while she sings her hit “Atemlos”. She also presents acrobatic show elements – supported by the Cirque du Soleil artists.

During her song “Full Strength Ahead,” the artists wrap her in an oversized red dresswhich is then dramatically staged with a wind machine.

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But what creates such impressive images on stage and looks child’s play requires a lot of planning. As Sebastian Pichel, the production manager of the organizer Live Nation and Cirque du Soleil, has now revealed, this part of the performance is particularly strenuous for Helene.

Opposite “Blick” he reveals: She only has 2.5 minutes to change into the new dress. Great stress for the singer. There are a few tricks to ensure that everything still works smoothly.

The material of the dress is “relatively thin and light,” Pichel reveals to “Blick” and also says that the costume is made of 112 meters of special fireproof fabric. The dress is also transported in its own box on wheels so that it reaches Helene as quickly as possible. According to Pichel, the dress is something very special. “There’s only one copy of it,” he explains.

Here you can find out more about whether the singer also listens to her own hits in private:

This is how the wind show is created

Six fans installed in the stage provide the wind effects that cause the dress to swirl dramatically around Helene. They make the dress move. But that alone is not enough.

April 11, 2023, Hamburg: The singer Helene Fischer sings on stage in the Barclays Arena.  Fischer started her tour with the first of five Hamburg concerts.  The tour start in Bremen and the ...

Helene Fischer doesn’t just impress with her singing on her “Rausch” tour.Image: dpa / Marcus Brandt

According to Pichel, six to eight people under the stage “ensure everything runs smoothly.” Helene also has support on stage for this part of her performance. “There are four dancers on stage who reinforce the movement of the dress,” said Pichel.

And all of this so that Helene can ultimately perform her hit surrounded by red material. But the effort is worth it, the fans like it. “Goosebumps,” writes one person under a video of the performance on Tiktok.

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