Can Kaplan beaten by Gigi Birofio?

Can Kaplan beaten by Gigi Birofio?

Can Kaplan makes serious allegations against Gigi Birofio in this year’s season. This is said to have come into the show later.

A total of eight couples appear in the show “The stars’ summer house” against each other. The celebrity couple who sticks together the most and demonstrates team spirit during the infamous game challenges and in the midst of annoying roommates will ultimately go home with the prize money of 50,000 euros.

Among those taking part are reality star Valentina Doronina and her fiancé Can Kaplan.

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Was Can Kaplan beaten by Gigi Birofio?

As Can Kaplan now explained on Instagram, Gigi Birofio have become tangible. Kaplan’s fiancée Valentina was also injured in the altercation. Kaplan even posted a doctor’s note on Instagram dated May 2023 – this would coincide with the time period of the show’s taping. There should be one Bruise on his cheek have been documented. Kaplan now explained on Instagram that he had even filed a complaint.

This should be directed against a production manager of the show who is said to have made a false witness statement. A spokesman confirmed to “Bild” that “an incident” had occurred and that two couples had to leave the show. These are supposedly Can Kaplan and Valentina Doronina as well as Gigi Biofiro and Diana Feist.

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“Rematch” beim “Fame Fighting”?

On August 28, it was announced that Gigi Biofiro would take part in the fight show “Fame Fighting”.

On September 11th, Can Kaplan released a reel showing him boxing training. “I also get into the ring for my fiancée,” it says under the post. Fans are now speculating whether he will also take part in the boxing format and even compete against Biofiro. “There is little in life that upsets me. But if someone touches or insults my fiancée, I won’t let it go. For me, violence has no place in the world – unless it is consensual, for example Martial arts. If someone doesn’t control themselves and becomes violent, that person can no longer be given a platform,” the caption continues.

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Finally, Kaplan writes: “The fight doesn’t mean that I don’t take legal action against violence. This has to be punished, otherwise there will be imitators. What kind of society do we want to live in? That’s something each of us should ask ourselves.” It remains to be seen whether there will actually be a TV fight between Can Kaplan and Gigi Biofiro.

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