Euro 2024 qualifiers: “deaf to criticism”, Xhaka “likes provocation” –

Euro 2024 qualifiers: “deaf to criticism”, Xhaka “likes provocation” –

“I like provocation!” Asked who his “shut up” was for during his celebration of the 2-0 against Andorra, Granit Xhaka took great pleasure in maintaining the mystery.

We will not know if this gesture is for his “best enemy” Murat Yakin, for the press or for the Tourbillon public who did not hesitate to whistle the Swiss team at the break.

Deaf to criticism“as he says, Xhaka clarifies that his comments on Saturday evening about the lack of intensity in training were not intended to”person individually“. “Everyone is concerned in my eyeshe continues. The coach, the staff and the players!

“Happy for Granit”

I’m happy for Granit. I’m not resentful. He and I understand each othersmiles Yakin for his part. He is our leader, our captain. He is at the center of the game.“The coach says he is satisfied with the choice to play with a 3-man defense.”I always had this system in mind, he slips. Perhaps he will be returned to Israel in October. We’ll see.

Yakin believes that his players did not know how to occupy their positions well in the first half. “It was also necessary to bring more speed, he adds. Be more patient too.


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