Hans Teeuwen tipped for succession of ‘too old’ Maarten van Rossem

Hans Teeuwen tipped for succession of ‘too old’ Maarten van Rossem

Hans Teeuwen would be a great choice to succeed Maarten van Rossem as a jury member in De Slimste Mens, says Telegraaf star Pim Sedee. “That is disruptive television.”

Hans Teeuwen and Manon van der Zwaal © YouTube, Manon van der Zwaal

The Dutch edition of De Slimste Mens distinguishes itself with the efforts of the elderly duo Philip Freriks and Maarten van Rossem, but the first is quitting and the second seems to be breaking his promise to leave at the same time. Yet the call for the departure of ‘too old’ Maarten is becoming louder.

Disruptive television

Many people like the Flemish version of the program much more, because the jury there is formed by alternating duos of comedians. That would also be an option in the Netherlands, according to the well-known Telegraaf presenter Pim Sedee. He also has an idea who could do that.

Pim nominates none other than the foul-mouthed comedian Hans Teeuwen. “I can see Hans Teeuwen there. That would make for disruptive television,” he says in a video The Telegraph.

Tina not enthusiastic

Television professor Tina Nijkamp doesn’t like that, she tells Pim. “Maybe you really like Hans Teeuwen, but I don’t think Hans Teeuwen is accessible to such a wide audience that the KRO-NCRV will choose that.”

Tina is not a fan of comedians in De Slimste Mens at all. “I have to be honest: I hope they don’t put a comedian there. In Belgium it is a quiz with a lot of humor and comedians. I hope we will get our own variant here again.”

Leo of Gerard?

Who then nominates Tina for the jury? “Maybe a type like Leo Blokhuis or Gerard Ekdom. Maybe those aren’t the right names, but I certainly hope it’s not a comedian.”

Tooske Ragas lets in Show news know that they think filling the jury with comedians is a good plan. “Could it be that they are moving a bit towards the Belgian format? There are a few comedians there.”

Not yet known

Colleague Bart Ettekoven also likes the two-man jury in Flanders. “The chemistry between the two makes for an incredibly witty program.”

He concludes: “We called KRO-NCRV to ask: ‘What is going to happen to Maarten? Have there been discussions about it yet?’ That is not yet known, they said.”

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