The strongest Bilgewater DTCL 9.5 squad

The strongest Bilgewater DTCL 9.5 squad

General Bilgewater DTCL 9.5 will mark enemies with attacks and skills. After a delay, the cannon will fire projectiles at marked enemies and deal physical damage, increasing according to the amount of damage Bilgewater generals have dealt to these targets. Cannons will deal more damage at higher squad milestones.

Bilgewater DTCL 9.5 lineup

+3: 200 + 25% of damage dealt

+3: 300 + 45% of damage dealt

+3: 500 + 90% of damage dealt

+9: Cannons will deal damage to nearby enemies

List of Bilgewater Generals

– Illaoi: Level 1 Courage

– Graves: Sniper, Level 1 Lawless

– Twisted Fate: Multi-Spell Mage Level 2

– Nautilus: Level 2 Hero

– Miss Fortune: Level 3 Strategist

– Nilah: Conquest Level 4

– Gangplank: Level 5 Sniper, Pirate King

The strongest Bilgewater DTCL 9.5 squad

Lineup 7 Bilgewater

Players will start with 3 Bilgewater formations: Twisted Fate, Graves, Illaoi combined with a Courageous general. After that, you will just need to search for other Bilgewater champions to complete the squad and replace the Courageous champion with a Brave to activate Nautilus’s effect. This will be the most important general in the barrier, having extremely strong resistance combined with the ability to control a wide area.

Lineup 7 Bilgewater

Nilah and Miss Fortune will be the two main forces of the Bilgewater 7 squad. Players will attach Gladiator items that increase AD to Nilah, while Miss Fortune will need items that increase AP and mana regeneration.

Gangplank will be an extremely important addition to increase his power in the late game, can be placed in the top row to burn enemies with standard damage proportional to AD, or in the back row where he will use Use the pistol to activate your ability, Dreadway, faster. This skill summons a warship to crash into the field, dealing huge damage and enhancing allies with fruits.

Bilgewater Reroll lineup

If players find many copies of Graves and Illaoi, you can think about using this formation. Players will add Qiyana and Jinx to help Graves activate the Lawless and Sniper systems, optimizing this general’s power. Graves’ equipment will be Blood Sword, Colossal Power and Infinity Sword.

Bilgewater Reroll lineup

Qiyana will be the second main force in the squad. After completing upgrading Graves, Illaoi and Qiyana to 3 stars, new players aim for level 8. At this point, you can replace Jinx with Gangplank.

Bilgewater Mage Multi-Spell squad

This is the squad for those who love the champion Twist Fate. Players will apply the Slow Roll strategy, try to upgrade TF to 3 stars, and combine with another Multi-Spell Mage, Sona, to help TF get the strongest damage.

Bilgewater Twisted Fate squad

Nilah will be the second main damage dealer after TF. Illaoi will still be the priority tank champion for this squad. In case Illaoi cannot be upgraded to 3 stars, the player will need to give up the equipment to Nautilus.

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